Proudly handmade in Sydney, Australia

Anne - Amethyst

$2,250.00 AUD

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While thoughtfully preparing for the long journey, she selected the amethyst ring. The setting reminded her of the castle's stone archways, whilst the stone's hue matched her family's banners.  At one point owned by every female that came before her, she thought there was no better way to be reminded of home wherever she went. 

And she was not alone, for the ring itself carried its own memories, and was imbued with the strength and power of every woman who ever owned it before her. Yet unaware of her true potential, she placed it lovingly on her hand and set off into the world.



One of a kind Amethyst and diamond ring available for immediate shipping. 

Materials and Dimensions: 

Band: 1.9mm by 1.9mm band, to 3.4mm wide at the top underneath the setting, all in 18ct Rose Gold. 

Stones: Centre stone 10mm x 8mm Emerald cut Amethyst smokey-purple in colour. Accent stones, 8 small white F Si diamonds in the setting.

All rings are designed with a soft inside edge to allow for maximum comfort.

Finger size L 3/4. Re-sizing possible, please email for inquiries.