Proudly handmade in Sydney, Australia

The Vignettes


One day I found myself daydreaming as I was looking at one of the pieces of jewellery I had created. It took me on a journey of imagination. I wasn’t totally aware of where I was going but I saw a snippet of a story unfold. It wasn’t a long story but it alluded to something deeper.

I suddenly found myself more connected to this piece of jewellery as this short story played over and over in my head but I realised that the story didn’t really have a beginning or an ending, it was more like a passing moment in time.

I think this is what we as humans do with our ‘treasures’, we connect them to a moment. A stage in one’s life, however long or fleeting it doesn’t matter but what we’re left with is the feeling. This ‘treasure’ then becomes more than just an object but an amulet. A talisman of hope, strength, love, friendship. A sentiment. And to carry it with us holds great importance on our journeys through life.

The vignettes I write are not meant to be whole but allude to the feeling that that particular piece inspired in me. It is up to the reader to fill in the gaps, and combined with the colours, shapes and details of the jewellery I hope to spark their imagination and discover how they relate to that piece.